10 Tips for You Before You Buy Health Care Insurance


 Pay attention to the ceiling 

All policies have a ceiling, and obviously, the higher this is, the more expensive they are.

But how high must this ceiling be? In case of a serious accident or severe illness, health care expenses can rise very quickly, especially in the case of long hospitalizations, surgery, the need to use special machinery, and so on.

 A ceiling of a few tens of thousands of euros is probably not be enough.  

Watch out for prepaid expenses 

Some insurers usually anticipate the expense due to health facilities, which the companies then reimburse.

Needless to say, this formula can predict that you are forced to pay out a large sum of money in advance, only to have it returned to you later. Ask yourself if such an expense is affordable or not. 

An important factor: assistance 

The assistance provided by your insurance must be efficient and always reachable, give you the serenity you need, and intervene quickly in emergencies.

You need to make sure that this service accounts for your needs and can guide you in the right moments.

Finally, you may want to consider some of the best health insurance companies in the United States. These are the following: Sutter Health – Athenahealth – UnitedHealthcare – Aetna – Blue Cross Blue Shield – Cigna – Humana.