10 Tips for You Before You Buy Health Care Insurance


 Don’t forget that a health policy DOESN’T cover all expenses

Don’t forget that no single health policy can cover all of your health-related expenses, however. The policies generally do not cover:

  • Expenses for the treatment of pre-existing medical problems at the time of stipulation. 
  • Those due to the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and psychotropic drugs, even in the case of accidents caused by these substances.
  • Dental expenses, unless otherwise specified. 
  • Expenses for aesthetic interventions. 
  • Those for diets and nutritional advice. 
  • Contraceptives and voluntary abortions. 

The premium is variable and dependent on many factors 

The premium of a health policy may vary greatly depending on who requests it. This happens because it is calculated based on several factors related to your age, lifestyle, work you do, state of health, and so on.

For these reasons, each contractor will receive a different and personalized quote.

Talk to your doctor before stipulation

When you take out health care insurance, you will be required to provide a lot of information about your health condition.

You need to be absolutely honest and accurate with the information you provide because if you provide incorrect information, the company could end your policy, or in any case, problems could arise, perhaps at the time of need.