Virginia Woolf once stated that it is impossible to think, love or sleep well if you have not eaten well. For some, however, food is more than a necessity. Some people eat to live, while others eat to live!

These people are known for their love of good food and will spend a lot to satisfy their cravings.

These foods can be quite expensive, but food lovers will find that the experience is worth it.

These are just a few of the most expensive food items worldwide:


Caviar is an exceptional delicacy that food lovers will love. This luxury food is made from eggs from the Sturgeon fish and can only legally be sold in limited quantities due to the danger of Sturgeon fish. The better the quality of the Caviar (roe) the more transparent it is. You might be shocked to learn that one kilogram of Caviar may cost as much as $35,000.


$1000 per kg is the price of Saffron. Don’t be surprised, it’s Red Gold. Saffron is one of the most expensive food items in the Middle East.
Saffron can only be obtained from flowers that are in season for 7 consecutive days in Autumn throughout the year. To get one kilogram of saffron, it takes 3,000,000 flowers. It’s quite a task! This spice’s rare and royal flavor is the reason for its high price.


Kopi Luwak Coffee is a coffee lover’s dream. This delicious luxury can be as costly as $700/kg. Kopi Luwak coffee also known as Civet coffee is defecated coffee that has been fermented in the digestive system of the Civet cats. Some people are skeptical, but others believe fermentation improves the flavor and makes for a great espresso. But, it is important to do your research before you buy it.

A couple of highly expensive but comparable less consumed foods

White truffle

These white truffles sell for more than $1,000,000 per kg. They aren’t your ordinary truffles. Alba, Italy is home to white truffles with a unique flavor and aroma. They are very rare because they require special conditions to grow and preserve. Every year, the World Truffle Fair hosts an international high-class auction where truffle-lovers from around the globe bid for it. Stanley Ho auctioned a 1.5kg record-bearing truffle for $330,000 in 2007.

Edible gold

It is impossible to overlook edible gold on the list. Although edible gold does not taste or smell appealing, it is only used for decorative purposes. A pound of edible gold will delight your eyes and cost around $15,000 Although it is quite a large amount, you can sprinkle some gold on your food.