5 Tips on How to Live A More Happy Life


What is happiness? The dictionary provides a number of reasons for happiness. It could be a positive luck or it could be the feeling of happiness. It is not always possible to trust fate however you can influence your destiny and provide your life with positive memories.

Be thankful

Are you unhappy with your job, make too little and you are unable to afford a premium audio system, or designer outfit and an Caribbean holiday? Material objects are often boring once you own or possess them. Imagine the millions of people who do not have an apartment to sleep in or have any clothes and nothing food. Many worry about their safety or are escaping to a foreign country and just want to live in a house. They are usually happier than those financially secure. Numerous studies have demonstrated that happiness is largely based on your attitude as well as the capacity to be grateful for the blessings we enjoy.

Be Kind To Everyone

If you’ve been able to convince yourself to smile to yourself, apply the same attitude to other humans. Smile at your neighbors, people at the stores and at work, coworkers and people you are familiar with by appearance, and so on with a smile. Most likely you’ll receive with a smile that might appear to be a little surprised on certain faces, as friendliness is scarce nowadays. It is possible to change that! It’s true that smiling makes you feel happy. Like the French writer Andre Gide already wrote, “Those who are happy for others will be content.”

Smile to Yourself

Everybody has a bad day or bad luck in a lesser or greater degree. However, there’s a way to boost your mood and that is to smile! Even if you’re sick and don’t see any motive to smile you can try to smile anyway. If you move those corners, an alert is sent to your brain, which tells you that you’re getting better. Do you see it? Try it! You’ll be amazed perhaps even a more content.

Do Your Best To You

Everyday it is commonplace to take too little time doing something for ourselves that is beneficial. Instead for high-calorie foods and drinks cigarettes, alcohol or tablets are the most common choices to harm our body and soul, rather than helping. In a moment of quiet contemplate what you think you could do to be the best for you. Make sure you take regular breaks to take a break, relax or play music or take walks, dance or read a book and so on. These little pleasures can make you feel more content as opposed to constantly pushing yourself to become overwhelmed, only to eventually become numb.

A Matter Of Attitude

Certain people only see the negatives of life. To them they are always looking at the glass as half empty even though they don’t experience or are sick. On contrary, are able to live happily despite extreme illnesses or the hardship. What’s the trick? Simply put, Happiness is all in your head. If you tend to be a complainer about everything all the time, you might not be happy. Don’t wait for someone else to transform your life!