7 Times “The Simpsons”, Predicted The Future


It’s quite possible that almost everyone who has owned a TV set has heard of The Simpsons. After 33 seasons, the animated series has remained popular since its debut on television in 1989. The Simpsons are a show that adapts with relevance and characters who don’t age. There is no end in sight. The show is set in Springfield, a fictional American town. It follows Homer Simpson’s family as they deal with various issues and challenges in a humorous portrayal of American life. It’s the longest-running animated series in America and even has a feature film that grossed more than $527 million. It has been noted for its ability to predict the future many times. It is not surprising that a show as long-running as The Simpsons can make a prediction every now and again, but some of their predictions are simply too amazing to be true.

Donald Trump’s Presidency

This picture dates back to 2000 and depicts a future with Lisa elected into office. She mentions in one of her opening speeches to her cabinet at the oval office that she “inherited quite the budget crisis from President Trump”. Trump was elected 16 year later and it seems like a good prediction. You would think that a billionaire business mogul would run for office. Und to win? Impressive or suspicious…

Super Bowl Wins

We are back to Season 3 Episode 14: “Lisa The Greek”, where we saw an episode that was entirely focused on Lisa watching football with Homer and predicting who would win each game. This episode was published 3 days before Super Bowl XXVI. Lisa correctly predicted the victory of the Washington Redskins. Writers dubbed in the names for the competing teams the following year and were again correct, predicting that the Dallas Cowboys would win. Redubbing was a popular trend that lasted for many years, and it was often accurate. This trend culminated in a prediction that the San Francisco 49ers would win over the San Diego Chargers at Super Bowl XXIX.

Disney acquires 20th Century Fox

Season 10, Episode 5, “When You Dish Upon a Star”, a still below shows a 20th-century fox logo and a quote from Walt Disney Co. This episode aired in 1998 and was clearly intended to poke fun at celebrity-centric episodes. It is impossible to imagine that 20 years later Fox would sell to Disney.

Smart Watches

Another episode that explored the future was Season 6, Episode 19, “Lisa’s Wedding”. This episode made jokes about the technology they hoped would be available in the future. The episode begins with Lisa’s boyfriend proposing to Lisa, but he fails to do so and Lisa calls his watch to make a call. This technology was actually released by Apple in 2013.


Season 6 Episode 8: “Lisa on Ice” The show predicted autocorrect. Dolph wrote “Beat up Martin”, which translated to “Eat up, Martha” in a particular scene. This clever crack at the PDA’s poor handwriting recognition is evident. Apple workers may have known this was a problem and fixed it. The Simpsons could be the ones responsible for this great autocorrect.

How to Cook Grease

Homer was involved in many quick schemes throughout the series. One of them involved siphoning grease from restaurants, and then selling it to make a profit. This plan was so good for criminals, New Yorkers began to steal grease from restaurants to make it their own.

FIFA Corruption Scandal

Season 25, Episode 16: You Don’t Have To Live Like a Referee” Homer is forced into refereeing because of a shortage (from widespread corruption). Homer is asked to referee the World Cup final. Although tempted by bribes he ultimately decides that he will referee fairly, which leads to Germany winning the World Cup. Many FIFA employees were accused of fraud, bribery and money laundering in 2015. Germany won the World Cup in 2014.