8 Powerful Exercises That Can Help You Flatten Your Stomach in just 30 days

One of the most effective ways to decrease your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease is to work the abdominal muscles. According to scientists, at least. claim. According to studies conducted in recent times that reduce waist circumferences is not just an effect on your appearance and mood but also significantly improves your overall health. 
Here are 8 beneficial exercises that can help you achieve a flat Stomach
Experts have selected the best 8 exercises to flatten your stomach you can complete in only 30 days in within the safety of own home. Spend 10 minutes every day to follow this program and you’ll notice amazing results within your first few days.

Start your day by doing four exercises you like. Each exercise must be done at the prescribed amount of times and with 10 second rest breaks. Make sure you repeat the exercise at least twice.

Rectus abdominis muscle

When we speak of”six pack” or “six pack” is usually referring to this muscle. The rectus abdominis muscles lies between the ribs as well as the pubic bone.

The pelvis’ front.

It can be trained by two different methods:

  • Your chest should be pulled up towards your pelvis.
  • Your pelvis should be pulled up towards your chest.

1.Twisting 15 times

Curls are an exercise that is known to build abdominal muscles. They’re also great for strengthening the oblique muscles.


  • Lay on your back in a comfortable position on the ground or on a comfy mat.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Then lift your shoulders upwards and engage your abs and then hold the lift at the top position of the lifting.

2. Double leg touch 10 times

A Double Leg Touch is an extremely effective abdominal exercise that strengthens both lower and upper abs.


  • Relax on your back, with your legs and arms bent upwards.
  • Get your feet lifted off the floor starting with a 45deg angle by using your abdominal muscles then lift them up to 90deg. Hold for a second.
  • Return slowly to your starting position while keeping your legs and arms stretched.
  • If you’re feeling capable, you may push yourself harder and attempt to lift your head off of the floor as well as you stretch your legs.

3. Plank hands on hands, bend knees 15 times

This exercise will not only strengthen your abs, but your calves, arms legs, shoulders and calves.


  • Place your feet on the floor with your entire weight on your hands.
  • Lift your left knee towards your waist. then bend it, and then hold the position for some minutes.
  • Move your leg forward and repeat the same motion using your left leg.

4. Folding 10 times, 10 times

It strengthens the abs and increases the flexibility of the spine.


  • Lay on your back and relax with your legs and arms stretched out.
  • Lift your arms to the side, and gradually raise your upper body to an upright position.
  • Intensify your abs and slowly return to your beginning position.

5. Plank while raising your hips 20 times.

This hip exercise is great for those who are just beginning to build their abs.


  • Start in a push-up pose with your elbows resting on the floor, resting them onto your hands. Maintain your arms at 90 degrees.
  • Lean your back a bit.
  • Inhale your glutes, and then tighten your abs to increase the gap between your hips and ribcage.
  • Lower yourself until you are back at the starting position.

6. “Boat” (navasana) One time

Navasana helps strengthen the abdominal muscles legs, lower back and abdominal muscles.


  • Place your knees on the floor on your back with knees bent with your feet flat on the ground.
  • Then lean back and then lift your feet up off the floor.
  • Straighten your arms to the sides.
  • You should keep those legs straight and straight throughout 30-60 secs, balancing your weight on those abdominal muscles.

7. “Windmill,” 10 times

This exercise is great to strengthen muscles across the entire body, and should be done at the close of the exercise.


  • Relax on your back and lie on it with your knees bent with your feet straight.
  • Move your arms across your body.
  • Tighten your lower abs.
  • Begin to slowly lower your legs one side.
  • Repeat the same procedure in the reverse direction.

8. “Rock climber” 15 times

“Climbing” is an exercise with high intensity which increases the heart rate. A few minutes of endurance training every day can be beneficial.


  • Place your feet on a plank and use your feet and hands placed on the ground.
  • Spread your hands out shoulder-width apart.
  • Your right knee should be pulled closest to your chest you can.
  • Return to your starting position, and repeat the process for the second leg.

These exercises are great for home-based training. There’s no need for particular equipment for this and only your determination.