Five of South Park’s Most Memorable Moments


South Park, which was created in 1997, has grown in popularity and is now the most popular TV show. The show follows four elementary school boys (Stan Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman) who find themselves in dangerous situations in South Park, Colorado. These adventures aren’t conventional. They are often bizarre and sometimes supernatural. They are known for making fun of everything and everyone, and they don’t mind telling a joke about anyone. Uniquely, the show’s four boys (or just one) are sometimes the best examples of rationality. The rest of the town may be being silly, but Stan and Kyle 8 years old might be the voice for reason. Now that you’re all caught up let’s look back at some of our favorite moments on the show.

Stan grows up – and notices that new music literally sounds like s*** (Season 15, Episode 7).

Tween Wave is a new form of popular music for children. It sounds like Stan pooping to South Park in this episode, widely considered one of the most intimate. Stone and Parker are faced with the fact that they are getting older and that the trends that are popular now don’t work for them. However, Stan and Stone have to face the truth that Tween Wave sounds just as “s ****y” to children as Tween Wave does. The show ends with an emotional treat: a montage to Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”, which depicts the effects of a broken marriage and the passing of time. It is also a great excuse to make farts per minute that you have probably never heard before.

The Fight Against Sentient Online Advertising (Season 19, Episodes 7-8)

One of South Park’s most popular new characters is PC Principal. He is a loud-mouthed “frat bro” who bullies everyone into supporting social justice and political correctness. His inconsistencies were the driving force behind the story thread for the 19th season, which was heavily serialized. The program claimed that excessive online and offline polices create a society that is confusing and false enough that it can be controlled by marketers. He stands up against artificial beings that appear to be real people but are “sponsored content” and even the single-minded PC Principal starts to see the extent of his deceit in the finale.

Satan Has a Fight at His Super Sweet 16 Party (Season 10, Ep 11)

The South Park: Bigger and Longer was a hit, and the King of Hell became a popular character. He’s more like a toddler than the Prince of Darkness, but he’s still a very popular character. It was a natural choice to mock MTV’s bizarre reality-TV celebrations of excess, My Super Sweet Sixteen. The devil throws a major fit when his Ferrari-sized cake is shaped like an Acura. Even Biggie Smalls ghost, summoned by the boys during a Bloody Mary ritual is unable to save the party.

Mr. Garrison wins the Presidential Election (Season 20, Episode 7).

Season 20 was released in fall 2016. The writers wanted to provide a commentary on the election and transform Mr. Garrison into a Trump-like populist rabble-rousing populist. With the shocking events of November 8th, the show’s original schedule being cancelled, plans to tell a satirical story about Bill Clinton the “First Gentleman” changed in an instant. Parker changed the screenplay so that President-Elect Garrison delivered a shock acceptance speech. This scene was more than memorable. It accurately depicted the times as South Park seemed as confused as everyone else about how to make current events funny.

The Boys Meet Mel Gibson (Season 8, Episode 3).

South Park stood firm against Mel Gibson’s ranting about hot springs long before he was. Cartman transforms the actor-director from The Passion of the Christ into his own Jesus, and is a bit of an Nazi. Stan and Kenny then track down the star to recover their money, only to find that he’s even more insane than Martin Riggs. Stone and Parker mock Gibson by mocking several of his most popular songs. Comedy Central also released the episode on DVD the day Passion was released.