Funny Vintage Ads You Would Definitely Never See Today

Advertising can be a difficult thing. It is important to keep a certain right balance. It’s funny, but not too annoying. It’s not too subtle to be overlooked however, it’s not too out of place. It is important to possess the ability to appeal to the people you’re trying to sell to in addition. This is one of the main reasons that old advertisements are amusing. Things that were humorous or original or beneficial to the people of the past can appear strange and absurd to us. In the beginning of computers, the ability to communicate with other people was a revolutionary idea. In the beginning of preservation, people attempted to preserve everything … which we mean everything. There’s also a bit of humor in infuriating things you’ll see that wouldn’t get the green light. Take a look at these offensive old ads and enjoy a smile, and then ask yourself: What ads of ours will we be laughing about in the next couple of years?

Mmm, Old Vegetables in Jell-O

Somehow, during the period between the 1950s until the 1970s and the Jell-O company believed it would be an excellent idea to advertise their product to consumers in order to sell dishes and other dinner ingredients. What resulted? A disgusting mix of food remnants from the past and gelatin sure to irritate palates across the globe. We are grateful that Jell-O chose to end the whole thing and go back to their usual lane of sweets, shots and desserts.

‘The Whiskey Trust HATES Her!’

It’s great to know that after 100 years, we haven’t significantly changed. “Find the woman’s easy trick to beat husband’s alcoholism!” It’s the same as “dermatologists dislike her! Find out the reason!” Except you have write a real letter, and then a fake business will send you a fake treatment for alcoholism , which you must purchase.

Oh, Golly! Oh, Gee!

“Yes ladies … just five cents to get a larger more delicious, better-quality Tootsie Roll.”

Are you … saying what we believe it to be? If yes, then that girl is far too young to be to be able to play with a Tootsie Roll!

HE Has One.

It’s simple and clear, but it’s also … terrifying? Who is this guy? Why should we be concerned that the mosquitoes are there? Why is he being bitten by so many mosquitoes?

Canned Hamburgers, You Say?

It sounds … Mmm … tasty … Imagine that a hamburger is plopping from the can onto the grill and you’ll understand the reason this concept didn’t catch on. Yes canned meats are a viable option however, no matter what method you choose to slice them you’ll find them to be pretty disgusting.

Make the Most of Your Coke!

Ooh, advertisement from the days of cocaine being completely legal and was so widespread that there were ads for products that could make smoking it more easy. Magical. (And just a few dollars to buy the nice wooden version, what a bargain!)

Your Best Friend … is the druggist (*eyebrow wiggling*)

Ah yes, those days of condoms being so unpopular that you could not even use them in ads (“all kinds of things one could require in a rush …”) and require an appointment with an ophthalmologist to purchase condoms. Imagine having to talk to your doctor and the person who manages your local mom-and-pop store every time you wanted sexually safe sexual relations. Yikes. Take a look at the face of that druggist. The smile on her face suggests, “I know EXACTLY what you’ll be doing when you return home.” It’s so frustrating. *shivers*


It was a genuinely revolutionary idea in the 1980s to create a burger that wasn’t a burger that was put together and was packaged in the form of a styrofoam container. “The hot side is hot while the cool side remains cool” the happy neon-clad crowds chanted in the commercial. Outside of containers, this was an ordinary hamburger. However, it was surprising to see that the public went crazy over it. However, it was stopped after environmental concerns regarding styrofoam were raised.

Spider-Man Does Native Ads

Your top radio and websites aren’t the only ones to use native advertising! In fact, Spider-Man has made some sneaky plugs for various products, such as Twinkies. Although, this one’s quite cheesy but nevertheless. What kid wouldn’t would like to buy a Twinkie right now? Probably.

‘Oh No, Sally Fell Out of the Car Again’

You’ll never have to complain about the locks that are child-proof Will you?

However there are many other factors that could have stopped this, including seat belts. or being unable to have suicide doors in your vehicle.

We Call It ‘Email(tm)’

Are you convinced that H&R Block invented the term email? (And later tried to patent it?) It was a great proto-internet, which was essentially chatrooms, email and chatrooms. The people were so enthusiastic about it. They held a chatroom celebration with glasses of wine. They sent their mom an email about the event. We also are in love with their brand name “CompuServe.” The only thing it requires is a robotic voice. (Oh my god. Do you know where the term “server” was derived from? Mind. Blown.)

“Corn Saved My Marriage”

“I was about to get rid of my abusive husband and start a new life, until I fed him this corn and he was hit with a jolt of nostalgia. He then transformed into a slightly better man. Thank God to corn!”

But Your NOSE?

“Your face is very ugly and plastic surgery isn’t developed yet. But don’t be worried! You can put this nose-cage made of metal on your face to tame your nose! It won’t harm the cartilage of your face or appear as someone from a horror film in any way!

So You’re Saying Guinness is Good for You?

Guinness is beneficial for your health! Guinness is a powerful drink! It’s a truly delicious drink, and it is honest. Did we say that Guinness is healthy for your health? It can be felt doing your body well. (Do they mean to get you drunk?)

At least it’s straight-forward advertising.

Bullet Bra

Ah yes, to the time when your bra was expected to be an armored suit and your breasts like sharp cones. In the 1950s, women were prepared for the battle! Keep it up and boys!

‘Golly Gee, I Love My Harley!’

This is certainly not the picture Harley Davidson Motorcycles tries to present today. A suit-clad businessman working (without helmets because that was considered safe at the time) is far from the leather-jacketed bandanna-clad and bearded Harley Davidson man we’re used to seeing. (And anyone else is pleased they’ve stopped calling the thing “mot-o-ride?”)

No Big Deal, He Just Needs Privacy

The funniest aspect of this is the fact that it’s actually not an advertisement for a cigar. It’s an advertisement for Eichler which was a firm that constructed homes in the postwar period. The kid is in need of the peace and tranquility of the brand new house to enjoy his cigar, you know!


It would be a shame if they could be watching us right now, wouldn’t they? It’s not that they were in the wrong, all things are “smart” today however, it’s likely to be slightly more sophisticated than what they thought using these 128 functions terminals. Which of the creators of this device would think in the event that we presented them with the smartphone?

The Secret’s Out…

It’s been a popular diet fad over the years baby food is rich in nutrients and calories but it’s not actually a huge amount of food since it’s pureed vegetables and fruits. It’s possible that at some time, Gerber made use of this notion and began to market their food products to teenagers. As far as diets are concerned, this is not exactly the most wholesome on the market.

It’s FREE!

“We offer this ranch at no cost! Absolutely absolutely free! We’ll design the structure for you. all you have to do is tell us you’re interested! There’s no reason to be worried!” Except, of the course, that there was because the ad was in 1931 in during the Great Depression, and, you could own an animal ranch. But, considering it was in the Great Depression, things like this could have been a source of hope for some; at the very least they had food and the roof.

Hopefully They’ll Drop Him

Yes, the sexual and gender politics in this Van Heusen commercial could – and certainly shouldn’t work in the present. The racially-inflected “let’s be native” tagline, for instance.

The Benefits of Television

What? Did you think the debate over the amount of screen time beneficial to children was only a matter of time with the advent of smartphones. It’s been going on for more than 100 years and everyone “experts” ready to take cash on both sides.