How to Make Homemade Kombucha

Kombucha is the latest probiotic drink. You must be aware of the many benefits that probiotics can offer. In case you aren’t aware, probiotics can help with bloating, gut bacteria balance, and a boost in the immune system. This is just a small portion of the list. Probiotic juices and waters are a rage among various health magazines and organizations. It can be very expensive to buy Kombucha every day. Here’s how we help you make your own Kombucha.

Homemade Kombucha Recipe:

You will need utensils

Large pot – 1- or 2-gallon glass container/jug
– Stick-on and floating thermometers
– Rubber band and cheesecloth
– Glass, sealable bottles (like flip cap bottles)


– 1 SCOBY kombucha (either buy online or grow yours)
1 Gallon of spring water
– 10 bags of black or green tea (depending on your preference).
1 cup organic cane sugar
– 1 cup 100% fruit juice (optional)

Step 1: Make the tea

Heat the gallon of springwater in a large saucepan until it boils. Once it has boiled, remove from heat and stir in the tea bags. Let the tea bags steep for 15 minutes, then take them out. Stir in the sugar.

Step 2: Add the “SCOBY”

Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria And Yeast (SCOBY) is the key ingredient to make Kombucha from tea. It involves a sugar fermentation process. Once your tea has been steeped and cooled to 75-80 degrees, transfer it to a glass container and add the SCOBY. Cover the thermometer with cheesecloth, and secure it with a rubber band.

Step 3: Ferment the mixture

The jug should be placed in a dark and warm place (such as a closet) and left to brew for 7-10 days. The ideal temperature is between 75-80 degrees. Anything higher could lead to mold growth. Your SCOBY will increase in size. If it grows too large, you can cut off some slices to keep it from getting sick. Your Kombucha will be ready after the 7-10 day period. The longer everything is allowed to brew, it will taste stronger.

Step 4: Disable the SCOBY

Now your Kombucha is ready. Slice the SCOBY and place in a glass jug. Add enough Kombucha so that it barely covers the SCOBY. Cover the jug using cheesecloth. The SCOBY should sit for at least a week before you start making new batches. If you like the taste of Kombucha, place it in sealed glass bottles. Keep it in the refrigerator until ready to drink. Kombucha usually lasts for 3-5 days after you break the seal.

NOTICE: Steps 5-6 can be skipped, but they are essential for creating more flavor in the kombucha.

Step 5: Enjoy the Kombucha

To add more flavor to the mixture, you can add 1 cup of 100% juice or 1 cup of fresh fruit to a bowl. Mix well and then divide the mixture into sealed glass bottles. This should be kept in the same room as your SCOBY.

Step 6: Strain, and Serve

After three days of fermentation, strain any SCOBY pieces that have been added. Once the Kombucha is ready to drink, pour it into sealed containers. Take care when opening the bottles. Carbonation creates pressure within them, much like soda shaken.