How to spend less time on Social Media


Social media has dominated our lives to the point that we may not be aware of it. If you’re travelling across the country from one point to another taking a train, bus and how do you pass the hour? It is likely than not, you’ll browsing through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, among other apps. It seems like any moment we have an extra moment we will turn towards these applications. However, this doesn’t mean that social media is a bad thing. In time’s end, they’re ideal for connecting with your acquaintances, staying up-to current with the latest trends in pop culture and being “woke”. The problem isn’t with the apps, but the time we’re spending in these apps. It’s obvious that getting out and about, having a chat with friends or working on something productive is more enjoyable than gazing in awe at your mobile device? We offer a few suggestions to offer that will aid you in reducing screen time. Take a look.

Keep Aware Of Time Spent On Social Media

Finding the point of departure can be your first move towards taking any adjustments. Take a look at the statistics on your smartphone if it tracks the screen time of your phone and determine what they reveal. For instance, if you spent two and 30 minutes on Monday using your smartphone, would the majority of your time being spent scrolling through Instagram in your lunch break as well as Snapchatting during the course of your day? What would you have done in the two hours and 30 minutes to make you feel more fulfilled or happier?

Consider which apps you most frequently use as well as the reasons you make use of them, and then figure out how you can change this habit. If you’re a goal-oriented individual You can create a social or screen media goal for time based on the amount of time that you’re aware of spending. Reduce the time from two hours and 30 minutes to two hours by the end of next week, for instance it’s an easier first action than aiming for thirty minutes on screen. Small steps are essential to establishing good habits and being aware of where you’re at is vital to implementing the necessary steps to improve them.

Feel Free to Use The Mode (Or Unfollow) Button

Instagram using the “mute” feature was an awesome idea. It allows you to skip over annoying posts and not have to do the passive task of de-following an individual. You’ve probably heard that “you’re the most popular of the five people who are the ones you most often spend time with”. You’re also the sum of five social media accounts that you are most likely to follow. Give yourself the benefit by turning off or de-follow all accounts on Instagram aside from a few accounts that give you motivation, inspiration, or pleasure every time you look at their feeds or posts. Not only will it boost the confidence of your followers, also with less profiles and feeds to explore, you’ll spend less time engaging in social media.

Avoid looking at social Media at 10am.

A lot of us wake up and immediately go through Facebook as if it’s a morning newspaper, and some people stay in bed for longer than is necessary to check in on TikToks that we didn’t see while asleep. The first thing you do in the morning does not just set the mood for the day, by making you focus on what others do in their daily lives (rather that what’s happening in the world you’re up to in yours) however, it could also be a unnecessary waste of time.

It’s preferring to wait until after you’ve begun your day to check social media. This can be at a specific period of time (like 10.30 a.m.) and for 60 minutes after you get up. It’s also possible to decide on a general time limit for the amount of time you spend on your phone. Do not use your phone until you’ve made a cup of coffee, recorded your gratitude, or completed the 10-step routine for your skincare (not practical however, it sounds appealing does it? ).

Notifications to turn off

Do you really want to be informed every time an unrelated account likes your post or a Z-List star changes their Instagram account? It’s one word: no. Notifications and alerts are made to distract you from your current task and make you want to check your phone. Take a break from your phone and switch off notifications from social media, so you have the option of the time you want to access social media, instead of having social media inform you when to check it. A bonus tip is that you can also deactivate messages sent to your phone as well, and you’ll experience the most relaxing experience of your life, 100% guaranteed.

There are no phones at the table

Maintaining a tech-free kitchen table is an excellent way to create a space that is completely phone-free within your home. It’s a way to ensure that you’re present during all moments during meals. If you’re out with friends make sure you convince everyone to place their phones on the center of the table. Then make the first person to pick their phone up pay for the cost or get for the following round of beverages. Yes, following the rules your parents imposed at the age of 14 older and got your first cell phone might be uncomfortable. But you’ll enjoy better conversations, more meals, and more fun in the process even with a few of moans and grumbles! A lesser time spent using social media generally is a nice result.