Salads can be made again

We understand the struggle of a stomach rumbling and how you try to stay healthy. But, you can’t eat another salad every day. Even if you add tomatoes or cucumber, nothing says repetitive more than lettuce for lunch. There are many other exciting options, such as sushi, pizza, pasta, and pasta. Salads don’t need to be boring. You just need to know how to make them. We’ve got some great tips for making salads more delicious and healthy.

Make Salad Bases More Delicious

It’s easy to become bored eating iceberg lettuce every single day. This is why it’s important to be creative with your salad base. The base can be flavored with kale, rockets, purple cabbages, shredded carrots or seaweed. You can also add shaved cauliflower, spring peas or swiss-chard to give it some extra zing. Mixing lettuce with red, butter, arugula, romaine or red leaves can add some flair. You can also skip vegetables and use quinoa, bulgar, or glass noodles instead.

Color Your Salad Like A Rainbow

You can color your salad with colorful fillings. You are the artist and your salad is your canvas. Pick and choose from a variety of fillings, including beets, orange or yellow peppers, cucumbers, artichoke heart, celery, celery, olives, and radish. Ribbon vegetables like zucchini and carrots can be added. Tomatoes are a must-have for any salad. You can experiment with different colors of red and orange tomatoes, as well as tangy varieties like cherry, valencia or beef.

Sprinkle Some Sweet

Sweeten your salad with something sweet. Although fruit might not be something you would expect to add to a salad recipe, it can complement the savory ingredients perfectly. You can add dried fruits like raisins or grapes or fresh fruit such as goji or blueberries, thin apples slices, orange, mango, dragon fruit and pomegranate seed, watermelon, or sliced strawberries. Although it is controversial, some recommend grilling grapefruit or oranges.

Be creative with textures

Balance the flavors and textures, and don’t hesitate to be creative. Blending crunchy and smooth can add texture. Avocado is our favorite smooth texture filler. A variety of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, or sesame seeds, can be added to salads to add crunch. Sprinkle seeds or superfoods on top for instant texture. These include chia, sesame, sunflower or poppy seeds. You can also add richness to your dish by blending hot char-grilled vegetables such as eggplants or peppers with cold ingredients. You are free to be wild.

Give it a boost

Add some protein to your salad to give it some extra flavor. Add some tuna, tuna, chicken, tuna or grilled salmon to your salad if you like fish or meat. If you are a dairy-lover, then adding greek yogurt, mozzarella, cream goat’s cheese, feta or ricotta to your salad will give it some extra zing. You can also use veggie or vegan options, such as seitan, tofu, chickpeas, hummus or edamame bean, tofu, seitan or chickpeas, or peas or pinto, heirloom, or green beans.

Dress up your salads

You can also spice up salads with creative dressings. Although we prefer to make our dressings than buying it in a can, you have the option of using infused oils, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar or a tahini-based sauce. There are many ways to dress up salads. You can also experiment with the way you slice and arrange the vegetables.