Differences Between Iphone 13 and Iphone 14


As is well known, the whole world as well as the technology field are evolving miraculously and magically nowadays. Technology is absolutely one of the most thriving and the biggest industries and hottest issues that intrigues the public the most. With this revolution, come various trends which the tech world is loaded with. One of the most known trends is purchasing the latest versions of any tech device, especially phones. Now, its efficiency doesn’t play a much important role in the choice of keeping it or not, as do the latest versions.  

Apple is absolutely one of the brands that promote this idea. The giant multinational technology company that costs billions of dollars is so competitive that they are continuously updating their products, especially their new series with the iPhone + a certain number that is currently invading the entire world. The previous version was iPhone 13. This version is surely more developed than its old siblings, which makes people want to buy it immediately. But, before you buy it, you should first consider 2 main factors.  

The first is the money matter; you definitely should reconsider the idea of buying it with such a high price – unless you’re rich. This factor is intertwined with the second one, which has to do with the release of iPhone 14. You are confused right now, aren’t you? But I’m here to help answer the following question: Should you wait until the 14-version release? 

P.S: the information on iPhone 14 are based on “leaks”, which might be true or not. 

The design 

It has been a long time since Apple made significant changes to their designs. And the same applies to iPhone 13. It actually did change some things, especially the device’s placement. iPhone now has two rear cameras aligned diagonally instead of vertically, compared to iPhone 12. In addition, the speaker grill is a separated component with its own frame. These are the major changes to iPhone 13. Currently, Apple is expected to make even more changes to its next version, iPhone 14. According to Apple tipster Jon Prosser, the giant company would eliminate the notch in favor of a punch hole camera front from iPhone 14 Pro series (It is still a rumor), which is a pretty dramatic change in the public’s point of view. The camera bump with all the sensors would undergo the awaited change. Experts think that Apple would remove the lightning that faced some controversies. They would probably adopt a USB-C port too. 

The models     

Something that the general public is pretty sure of is the matter of the mini iPhone versions. No one can deny that iPhones 12 & 13 Mini did terribly when it comes to sales. In the public’s view, it is Apple’s worst decision in this decade (until now). So, they won’t probably have it in their stocks again. They are most likely to replace it with a 6.1 inches normal iPhone. They would also include a 6.7 inches Max version in the series. 

The colors 

We can’t deny the fact that colors are a powerful factor in choosing the phone to purchase, simply because of our love to match our device with our aesthetic preferences. And in this area, Apple has not disappointed its customers (hopefully not in the future). They simply have one of the prettiest and diversified range of colors. So, let’s dive into them. For iPhone 13, here are the choices: 

  1. Product (Red) 
  1. Starlight 
  1. Midnight 
  1. Blue 
  1. Pink 
  1. Green 

And for iPhone 14, here are the choices according to the leaked rumors: 

  1. Midnight 
  1. Starlight 
  1. Sky Blue 
  1. Red 
  1. Purple 

The price 

Because of the rise of Apple’s phones popularity, the company’s desire to grow their profits is rising too.  Thus, for some people, their phones aren’t quite affordable. So, let’s start with iPhone 13. The usual prices range from 700$ to 1100$. Your opinion of it depends on your financial situation. But let me shock you with the rumored iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max prices. They are believed to range from 800$ to 1700$. These prices are quite higher than the average of the previous series. People say that this rise will probably not affect its efficiency and quality. That’s why the usual buyers are somehow excited for the new version to come out. 

The release 

Apple hasn’t officially announced the iPhone 14 release date. But according to the circulating rumors, it would be confirmed at a September 2022 event. 

At last, whether you should buy iPhone 13 now or wait for iPhone 14 release depends on your own opinions, choices, and situations. If you’re ready to pay the higher price for iPhone 14, go on, it’s definitely a nice option. But if you’re not ready for it, I suggest that iPhone 13 is your best choice. 

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