Six Factors that Can Ensure An Extended and Healthy Life


What is it that keeps our bodies well? Many research studies have examined this issue over the years. We’ve summarized the present research findings for you , and explained how you can make use of the findings from research to your personal benefit.

Keep Moving

A lot of people don’t realize how significant the effect of exercising on your health and longevity is. The study of scientists from the University of Copenhagen shows, for instance, that taking other aspects in lifestyle into consideration the people who jog often live four to five years longer, on average. The results of the study also indicate that 60-100 minutes of light exercise per week have the most impact on death. The findings should be taken with caution as only a handful of the participants passed away during the time of study.

Drink Up Enough

Lack of water harms the human body’s health: Because water is not just an essential component of our cells it is also the major component of blood, it can not flow as well when we drink too much. In the body, as a whole, it is less nourished, and brain function and ability to concentrate are diminished. A good thirst quencher is fruits, water, as well as herbal tea. It is recommended to drink herbal tea, fruit juice or water. German Society for Nutrition recommends that adults drink at minimum 2 liters of liquid per throughout the day.

Regular Exercise

Regular endurance sports are good for the soul as well as your body. It is the most effective way to keep you in good shape and get your metabolism revved up. Exercise helps enhance the body’s defenses to reduce stress-related symptoms and help prevent cardiovascular illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. The brain’s performance even as we age is positively influenced by. Every kind of exercise helps to improve your overall health. the minimum amount to avoid disease is just half an hour of gentle exercising five to seven days each week. It’s never too late to begin doing exercise. Even those who begin at the age of 60 gain almost immediately positive results.


Oxygen boosts spirits and stimulates our immune system. Therefore, get outside to breathe fresh air each day even during winter. Another good thing happens when we are outdoors is that we receive more sunlight, which boosts our mood. When it is sunny the neurotransmitter serotonin released, which boosts the mood. In the event that the weather turns poor, it’s brighter outdoors than inside. The light is essential to produce vitamin D vital for healthy bones.

Relaxation To Balance

Stress as well as hustle and bustle, and mental stress reduce resistance. Disruptions in the balance between relaxation and tension could lead to severe physical and mental illnesses. At the earliest, when the stress as well as hustle and bustle take over you, it’s the time to lower the tempo. Relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training, progressive muscular relaxation, according to Jacobsen or yoga can assist to bring back balance and peace.

Healthy Relationships

No matter if you want to or not, everybody is connected to a web of connections. The quality of relationships is a crucial factor in determining the quality of your life as well as physical and mental well-being. Positive and rewarding relationships start with a healthy and healthy relationship to yourself and your life.