Beauty Standards Around The World


Obsessions with beauty have become an international obsession , however the way we define beauty standards is decided by the country in which we live. The definitions of beauty aren’t more distinct and so let’s take a look at the definition of beauty in the countries we’re used to as well as those that aren’t.

Western Views

The Western perception of beauty is among the most absurd one. With a focus on busy, tall and slim females, girls across all over the world are squeezing themselves trying to fit into this image. There’s no pressure whatsoever when young girls believe that they must to have a slim waist and a sexy chest. Although the fashion has recently become more focused around building a healthier body and life style, there is an urge to achieve the standards and go to any measures to achieve it.

Korean View

The most sought-after characteristics in Korean tradition is the desire to have soft and smooth skin. All over the globe, the demand to purchase Korean skincare is growing with women wanting to attain the perfect look. Maintaining a perfect, light skin is a goal that everyone wants in Korea because the perception is that having a tanned complexion means belonging to the lower classes.

Indian View

The ideals of beauty in India have shifted toward western standards, with the current trend focused on women’s appearance to tone their skin tone and reduce their waists. What they dream of is long, shiny hair. A lot of Indian women apply coconut oil on their scalps which will help to restore damaged hair.

New Zealand

It is said that in New Zealand women go beyond typical standards of beauty routine. In this particular area one of the most significant signs of beauty is to have an image tattooed in your facial area. The bigger the tattoo, is, the more attractive. those with designs on the chins or lips are the most attractive.

South America

The majority of women in South America, there is the emphasis on curvy bottoms as well as thicker, stronger legs with big hips. The entire idea is the bottom. Women go to the point where they undergo surgery to get this style! It’s not a fact it is true that Latina women are extremely attractive and confident!