The Top Ten Most Intelligent Animals



Dogs are often called friends of Man. They can count, understand hundreds of words and gestures, and do basic math. Of course, this is possible with proper training. Experts believe the poodle is the most intelligent dog with the highest IQ. 


Domestic cats speak their language. These cute animals can retain information for a long time, and they are even better than dogs. They can recognize the human voice and intonation, and they can express their emotions and desires with facial expressions. This is a rare trait in the animal kingdom. 


Every dolphin has its name, which it shares with its family. Dolphins have a unique trait as they don’t sleep, while sleep is a distinct sense for us, and they are alternately awake or asleep in their right and left hemispheres. 


Ravens are self-aware and can recognize their reflection in the mirror. They can use and make tools. Crows, for instance, use sticks to remove apples from trees. They can distinguish the volume, weight, and materials of an object. These birds won’t put wood in a container to increase the water level, while the stone is much easier! 

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