These are the Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds That Would Ace Any IQ Test


These intelligent dogs are all on the roll of honor, from poodles and papillons to poodles. Although all dogs make the most beautiful companions, some dogs are simply more adorably clueless than others. When it is about functioning intelligence (i.e., being able to follow instructions), some breeds of dogs have a distinct advantage over others. After surveying over 200 dog obedience judges, psychology expert Stanley Coren named these dog breeds the most intelligent in his work “The Intelligence of Dogs”. The book was released in 1994 and revised to reflect the latest findings in 2006. It is the leading piece of literature on this particular subject. 

If you’re interested in dogs, the following questions regarding dogs’ intelligence will surprise you. Have you ever wondered if large breeds of dogs are more intelligent than smaller dog breeds? How do you decide if the IQ of your dog is high at all? All of this is vital to consider when it comes time to ranking the top dogs in terms of intelligence. Remember that the health and the power of the dog does not reside only in their intelligence. We’ve also made a list of the top family dogs as well as the most suited for apartment dogs and the most healthiest dogs. It’s all about what breed is best for your family’s needs and lifestyle. 

What is it that makes a dog “smart?” 

Coren determined breeds’ intelligence levels by evaluating the breed’s instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt. Nevertheless, pet behavior expert Sarah Hodgson says it is all dependent. She argues that some dogs are more social and emotionally dependent on people, “so they are easier to train and far more receptive to our vision of what they should do,” she states. “But they have little intuitive smarts,” she adds. 

An example of this is a hound. Even though they’re not that responsive, they do have superior perceptions of sight and smell. Likewise, terriers may not follow well in a direction; however, their hearing is excellent. 

Do dogs have an intelligence level? 

It’s not exactly that. As Hodgson said, “IQ” really depends on the quality of what you’re watching. In the book by Coren, it is possible to have your pet test their IQ by taking an IQ test that he developed from his analysis. If, for instance, your dog can master the new command in less than five attempts, you can count him to be among the Einsteins of puppies. 

Are larger dogs more intelligent than smaller dogs? 

It’s not been proven factual. However, research suggests that larger dogs may be more intelligent. If you go through this list, you’ll notice that the only tiny dog is the puppy. Coren recently asked this question in a piece on Psychology Today, titled ”Are Big Dogs Smarter Than Small Dogs?“ 

In an earlier report, Coren revealed, “Data were obtained from 1,888 dogs, and the results were unambiguous. There was a clear trend indicating that larger dogs could accurately remember longer than their smaller counterparts. 

Do not forget that some companion breeds were developed to possess specific traits, such as being calm and being good hunters. Hodgson states that many small breeds were bred from larger breeds and therefore have the same drives as well as instincts and also intelligence. 

Let’s discuss our best friends. They are among the most intelligent dog breeds, according to Coren. Are you looking to add a new dog to join your family? Check out these unique dog names. 

Border Collie 

Awarded the title of valedictorians in the animal world, these herders ranked number one in Stanley Coren’s intelligence ranking. They can master an entirely new command in just five attempts and be able to obey it for at most 90 percent time. 


Nowadays, you can adopt cockapoos or whoodles and Goldendoodles, to name but a few, but breeders prefer regular old dogs for more than their hypoallergenic properties. These curly-coated beauties also received the silver medal for working intelligence at Coren’s survey. 

German Shepherd 

German Shepherds are a popular choice for police dogs, sight dogs, medical assistance dogs, and therapy dogs. So it’s not at all surprising that consistency in obedience is a standard for the German Shepherd breed. 

Golden Retriever 

That’s right. One of America’s most loved family pets received straight A’s on the report in this intelligence study. Although Goldens were initially developed for the hunt, this breed also enjoy acting as straight-up jolly goofballs every once in a time too. 

Doberman Pinscher 

Dobermans began their journey in the late 19th century, when they were conceived by a German tax collector named Louis Dobermann who wanted a medium-sized pet that could serve as a companion and guard dog. They are strong enough to confront their adversaries and even hang out with children in any nearby park. 

Shetland Sheepdog 

A bit smaller than collies, these adorable little dogs are equally adept at agility, herding, and obedience tests. Shelties are known to chase, bark, and herd. However, their warm nature and desire for cuddles will erase any bad feelings very quickly. 

Labrador Retriever 

Labradors are very friendly, whether they are guide dogs or narcotic detection dogs, or simply a pet for the everyday. Americans have created them as the most sought-after breed across the nation for the past 27 years. 


The first breed of the toy made it to the top 10 dog breeds. The papillons don’t look like the type of pets to be used as lapdogs. According to American Kennel Club, these dogs often receive top honors at competitive agility trials. Their name is French, meaning “butterfly,” — refers to their large, sharp ears. 


Rottweilers probably came from drover dogs from Ancient Rome and had a robust, reliable temperament that they now possess. A committed Rottweiler owner will exercise and train their powerful dog thoroughly – and reap the benefit of a caring and faithful companion. 

Australian Cattle Dog 

Even though this Australian Cattle Dog isn’t in the top 50 on the popularity rankings of the AKC, you shouldn’t ignore this clever breed. Attractive, curious, and friendly, the high-energy herders perform the best job at what they do.