This is how you can Enjoy More Time For You


In the midst of daily life, time for me can be lost. However, spending time with your health is essential for overall well-being. Here are some suggestions on ways to make more time to spend with yourself.

Make a List

In the beginning start by creating an outline of your ideal actions. List everything you’ve been wanting to do for many years. Maybe you want to make pottery or learn an entirely new language? Do you want to stay in bed on Sunday mornings? Or visit the hairdresser more frequently? Make a big piece of paper, and write at the topof the page “If I could have more time I’d …” write your desires in concrete terms, you will also have an urgent need to take action.

Make Your Choice Right Now

It is therefore important to consider your options in the near future and select them by yourself. It isn’t always feasible due to work and family obligations. Always think about to ask yourself: Why do I need this? And what else can I do? Every little detail can be a factor Do you wish to spend an entire hour watching YouTube or would you prefer to watch an informative lecture or documentary?

Make a weekly plan

It’s extremely helpful it is helpful to plan your day at a minimum. It’s not about cramming in your personal calendar. It’s about preventing other people from removing your personal information, you must be aware of. You should make time for things that matter to you. These include private appointment (e.g. having a chat with friends, participating in hobbies, sports) however, you can also enjoy recreational activities (e.g. listening to music, reading relaxing, sleeping, etc.). Calendars are a good way to ensure that what is scheduled will be more easily observed.

Replace Activities Not Wanted

It’s simpler to swap unintentional activities (e.g. Facebook, for instance) Facebook all night long) by more enjoyable ones instead of “just dropping” the activities. Thus, you should write down the things you’d like to do in the near future, and that will be beneficial to you and bring you joy. Perhaps you can sleep in or relax, perhaps take a break, read a book, learn the language of your choice or attempt new recipes for cooking. Explore more things to be looking forward to.

If you’re distracted, then enjoy!

Every day life should be organized, efficient and planned. It would be dull and anxious, and could eventually irritate and anger you. You can certainly indulge in distractions however, only in moderate amounts. It is recommended to keep one third of your time empty for activities that aren’t planned. This allows you to be flexible for unexpected circumstances (e.g. traffic delays prior to an appointment) However, it also allows you to take advantage of “unproductive” things you like.

Say No

How do you get more time? Stop! In our heads there are voices constantly telling our what we should do. “The boss demands this of me”, “My children need me” or “My girlfriend wants a shoulder on”. It’s all fine and great, but you need to take time for yourself between. Simply do away with the voices that are in your head.


Make Me-Time a part of the mandatory program! Cycle to work every early morning. It’s much more relaxing than taking an overcrowded tram. Take on those “must-haves” and transform them into something relaxing. For instance, when you’re cleaning it is possible to play your preferred playlist and just focus on the music.