You’ll Never Want To Miss The Following European Cities During Christmas


Even if you’re not celebrating Christmas, there’s something magical about going to Christmas markets. They can bring a smile to any face. People are always so cheerful and the atmosphere simply makes everything more enjoyable. You can enjoy great food and drinks as well as music. The most important thing is that you’re in the company of people you cherish when you visit these locations. The majority of European cities- actually all cities offer fantastic Christmas markets however, we’re here to guide you to the most popular markets in Europe for your travels abroad! 

Vienna, Austria 

There are those who claim some say that Vienna, Austria is one of the most stunning cities in Europe and it is perfect sense that this belief remains true throughout this Christmas time. Vienna is the home of the most beautiful Christmas market in Austria and is among the top christmas markets across Europe. The market runs from mid-November to Christmas and transforms one the most famous tourist destinations in Vienna into the winter holiday wonderland. The most famous market for Christmas that take place in Vienna is the classic “Vienna the Magic of Advent” that transforms Vienna’s City Hall Square into a fantastical fairytale. You can find Christmas-themed gifts as well as tree decorations, tasty sweets, warm refreshments, an equestrian and even craft stations. 

Prague, Czech Republic 

The unique social scene and medieval ambience that are characteristic of the central Prague are just a few reasons that Christmas markets in the city’s Old Town Square are more frequent each year. In contrast to other larger markets across Europe The Prague Christmas market is a close-knit, intimate feel and makes memorable and memorable for visitors and locals alike. Every year, this market is a welcoming place for visitors from all over the globe, who are amazed by the breathtaking beauty of Prague all decked out with Christmas decorations. 

Budapest, Hungary 

It is believed that the Advent Feast at the Basilica was not just rated the top christmas market of Budapest but also among the three top christmas markets across Europe. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot Santa Claus himself doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at the market! The market is open to anyone and everyone offering unique gifts, mouthwatering Hungarian and international foods such as food items like the Hungaricum chimney cake delicious hamburgers, and a diverse selection of fish-based food items. There’s more than food that people are awed with, there are also activities for all ages, like skating lessons and ice skating for children.